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memo2002 09-03-2006 04:03 AM

To make everybody
To make everybody happy around you
No need to act like a fool
One real smile from the bottom of your heart
Can make their day

To be loved by everybody around you
No need to force them to love you
Just remove the rancor from your life & treat everybody equally
And you’ll be surrounded & loved by others]

To be acceptable by others
No need to lie or pretend
Be straightforward & go directly to the point
And you’ll be more appreciated & pleasant

To eliminate your fears
No need to be scared of loneliness
Be brave & strong, and face your fears
And remember that you’re not alone
and allah always with you

To be peaceful & satisfy people
Don’t look at their bad & never deride them
Try to find out their good & always encourage them
And you’ll see how great & talented they can be

To live better life
Try to convince yourself that this world is evanescent
And nothing deserves in this world
And someday everything will be over
So, be happy, have fun & live your moments

Slave of Allah 09-03-2006 01:43 PM

Thank you sister Memo 2002

To live beutifull do what Allah wants from you and think about why your living in this wourld and who create all the things , how beautifull is the things are that Allah created, look at the Nature and think every time of death, and every day when you wake up think that this day is mabe the last day in your life :

than you will be happy in this and the other wourld in shaa Allah

This is the real hapiness

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